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InfinitySN is a social network built on the ideals of trust, honor, respect and integrity. Every aspect of our service offers a positive atmosphere that promotes the best possible online experience. We encourage meaningful connections that extend well beyond any website.

The InfinitySN team is comprised of a team of  professionals who believe ethics and responsibility comes first. We are always available to answer the questions, concerns and comments of every ISN user.


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ABOUT US       
InfinitySN is a social network platform built on the ideals of trust, honor, respect and integrity. Every aspect of our service offers a positive atmosphere that promotes the best possible online experience for you our members. We encourage meaningful connections that extend well beyond any other social media platform. The InfinitySN team is comprised of a team of professionals who believe that ethics and responsibility come first. We strive to make ourselves available to answer questions, concerns and comments of every ISN member. If you have a concern or a suggestions, please email our site admins at: Admin@InfinitySN.com  
At InfinitySN we honor The U.S. Constitution and the rights it affords every one of us. Our favorite naturally, is The First Amendment's constitutional right to free speech.  In fact, free speech and the desire to bring people together is the inspiration on which InfinitySN was built.  So, with these freedoms in mind and an attempt to bring people together, while using a common-sense approach to social media usage issues, we bring to you InfinitySN.  Your new social media home, where you are Free To Be You, welcome to the InfinitySN family! 
No Discrimination 
Prejudiced or prejudicial outlook defined, is the act, or practice, of categorically, rather than individually judging a person or group differently from other persons or groups of people based on race, country of origin/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or religious beliefs or disability. This type of activity/behavior is not welcomed, nor is it allowed. If the content is found to be in violation of our terms, we will take appropriate action. At infinitySN, discrimination and hate speech will be treated the same.  Please report this type of activity to our site admins by emailing: Admin@InfinitySN 
No Hate speech  
Hate speech is defined as speech expressing hatred of a person or a particular group of people based on race, religion or religious beliefs, country of origin/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.  At InfinitySN discrimination and hate speech will be treated the same.  We urge our members to report any content that violates this section by immediately emailing our site admins at Admin@InfinitySN 
No Violence
Violent acts and violently graphic images in a video or on a post, within a message or in any other forms of communication to include, death threats and threats to do bodily harm are prohibited. Additionally, any violent content as described within includes violence toward animals.  If it’s violent, we will remove it, and you will get a warning message.  In short, sharing or creating any violent content on the ISN platform will force us to take appropriate action which could lead to your account deactivation. We will always work closely with law enforcement agencies, both state and federal when necessary, to provide guidance and content. NOTE: Suicidal acts, threats of suicide and threats of bodily harm, whether to one’s self or another, will be taken seriously and should be reported immediately.  We are morally and legally bound to report such acts or threats. So if you see something, (you could be saving a life) please report it asap, by emailing our site admins: Admin@InfinitySN
No Terroristic Activity or Behavior
Any and all types of terrorist activity on the InfinitySN platform will constitute a report from ISN to federal law enforcement, and the offender will be banned from using our platform. We urge our members to recognize and report any suspected malicious terrorist-type activity on our platform. We take pride in protecting our member's online experience. We see it as a partnership between our members and ISN. We need your help to keep the ISN platform safe from malicious activities. Please report immediately by emailing our site admins: Admin@InfinitySN
No inappropriate nudity or exposure
Nudity, both pornographic video, and image(s) are not allowed. By accessing our platform you agree not to post, share or display in any manner on all platforms provided to you by ISN, nudity of any kind. Questionable content regarding this policy will be reviewed by our team and determine whether or not it violates our No Nudity/Pornographic videos or images policy. 
There are plenty of other places you can go if that's your thing. Keep in mind this platform is for all, minors included. And always remember there could be legal consequences, on you-- if you create or share nude or pornographic materials whether intentionally or accidentally and to a minor on the ISN platform.  If you violate this one,  we will first send you a message with a reminder that you agreed to this upon sign-up and your nude or pornographic content will disappear--the first time. After that, it's our game, our ball. We will decide after we remind you of our agreement. Basically, our reactions will be based on your actions. 
To report content of this nature, email our site admins immediately at Admin@InfinitySN 
Bullying of Adults and Minors
There is no federal law that specifically applies to bullying. However In some cases, when bullying is based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or religion, bullying overlaps with harassment. Therefore, bullying of an individual whether a minor or an adult, by a person or a group of people will not be tolerated on InfinitySN, this includes targeting another member for reasons to harass, bully or otherwise taunt another member. Remember our mission here. We are striving to create a civil environment for all, one where connections happen. If you are a victim of bullying, or if you see that someone is a victim of bullying, please let us know by emailing our site admins at Admin@InfinitySN 
Convicted Sex Offenders
ACCESS DENIED. Sex offenders are not welcome on the ISN platform. If you have knowledge of a convicted or registered sex offender using the InfinitySN platform, we want to know immediately. Please send a link to that person’s ISN account (URL) along with any other pertinent documented information. Email documentation to us at Admin@InfintySN.com. ISN's legal team will review evidence of the member in question and take appropriate action once we have verified the information to be accurate and true. 
Abuse of Reporting
Please do not abuse the option to report pages and content on InfinitySN. While we want and need your help to ensure that you and all of our members have a positive and safe experience (as long as you are not violating federal and/or local laws), we also know that many have become very familiar with other social media platform policies on these matters. It’s important to remember; we are not those sites. If we feel your reports are excessive and you are purposely reporting to jam us up, you will get a message asking you to relax and refrain. This is not a baseball game; there is no three strike rule on this one. Your account will be red flagged if you abuse ISN’s reporting options and appropriate action will be taken. 
Blocking is King and your first line of defense. When in doubt, block it out.
Reporting is always an option. But, unlike other sites, we will not be the judge or the jury. We will provide help to our members in the way of access to specific local and federal law enforcement and other organizations, and we will have the hammer. In other words, we, when made aware of a potential violation will automatically send our member a one-time warning if we feel our Terms of Use have been violated. There is no ‘ISN ‘jail’ or  'time out.' Those who repeatedly do not bring their best human behavior to the table will be removed from the InfinitySN platform. Remember this is not the same game you have grown accustomed to on other sites. Just behave. That is all we ask, and you will be #F2BU on the ISN platform. No fear of being locked out of your profiles when the simple terms are followed.



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